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About Us

We are a Bible Believing Independent Baptist Church, grounded in Bible Doctrine. We use the King James Version of the Bible. We are conservative in our values, cross-generational in our music, and firm in our convictions. We are dedicated in our service, friendly in our attitude, fervent in our prayers, and most of all zealous in soul winning! God’s Word says that we are to fulfill the Great Commission, to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Our focus is to reach people here in Abilene, Texas and the surrounding areas with the Gospel message of Salvation in Christ. We are helping establish and start new Church’s in the state of Texas and throughout the United States. We believe in Faith Promise Mission giving, in order to support over 64 Missionaries and Mission works all over the world in reaching the lost for the Lord Jesus Christ. Through Manna Worldwide our Church supports two feeding centers in Honduras & Haiti…to feed hungry Children, providing a Missionary run center to not only feed them physically each day, but to feed them Spiritually the message of the Bible. We are an established local Church of believers who have a goal and that is to HONOR GOD.

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How to become a member?

Becoming a member of North Side Baptist Church begins first of all becoming a born again Christian. If you have a received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the next step will be to be Baptized in our Church. Through Baptism which is a picture of Christ death, burial, and resurrection, shows that you are making it public that you are a follower of Christ, and also makes you a member of our Church. If you are Saved and have already been Baptized in a Baptist Church, then you will join be what is called BY LETTER. Your membership will be received from another Baptist Church.
How do I go about this? When you believe the Lord is leading you to join here at North Side Baptist, then at the next Service you attend, at the close of our Service there will be an invitation. When the Invitation begins with the altar call, make your way to the front, our Pastor will meet you there, ask you a few brief questions about your desire for membership here. One of our workers will meet with you at the front pew and simply fill out a membership card. Once the invitation is over the Pastor will announce your desire of membership, you will be welcomed into our Church.


10:00AM Bible Study Classes for all ages 11:00 AM Adult Worship in Auditorium, Teen Worship in Teen Hall, Children Worship in Gym

7:00PM Adult & Teen Worship in Auditorium, Children Worship in gym

7:30PM Adult Bible Study in Auditorium, THE ZONE for Teens in gym, Kid's Master Clubs in East Addition (Pre-School - 5th grade)

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