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Pre-School Ministry

This ministry is vital in helping young minds to begin to learn about Jesus. We have quality leaders in this ministry who will love your children and help them begin to mold their hearts upon Jesus and church. Your child will be able to interact with other children their age. Each week they will sing, have activity times, and be taught a lesson from the Bible on their learning level. We provide a 10a.m. Sunday School time, then a Pre-School Worship Service at 11a.m. Wednesday nights we have what is called Kid's Master Clubs. Our leaders will help them learn the Bible, memorize Bible verses in a fun way. We register your kids in every Wednesday night starting at 7:15 p.m. We finish at 8:30p.m. with an award ceremony. Your pre-schooler will learn early of how Jesus loves them, and so does our Church.

Nursery Ministry

We provide a paid staff to take care of your baby during all of our service times. We use what is called "Parent Call"paging system. When you bring your baby to the nursery, our workers will give you a pager and put your name on the chart system. If there is ever a time when our workers feel you are needed to return to the Nursery, they can easily  alert you with the pager. We want you to feel comfortable in knowing that your baby will be taken special care of. This will allow you to focus on the lesson, music,and message allowing the Lord to speak to your heart.  Giving you a better experience while at our Church.

Childrens Ministry (K-5th)

Children's Page

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Your Kids will enjoy every Service time we have here at North Side. Sunday's for our kids are always in the gym. At 10AM they will be greeted as soon as they walk in, they will get registered in, then they can have a snack and juice. We have graded level classes at the 10AM for Bible sutdy. 11AM they will stay in the gym for their own Kid''s Church. They will love the singing, the skits, videos, and a Bible Message. Sunday Nights at 7PM our kids have their own evening service in the gym. This hour program is filled with game times, action illustrations, crafts...each week is different. We have our own Kid's Choir that practices during part of the program. Our Kid's Choir will perform in the Auditorium Evening Service many times throughout the year. Each Sunday Night service has a Bible message at the conclusion of the program.

KID's Masters Club

Wednesday Nights KID'S MASTER CLUBS We believe kid's need to know the Bible, in order for them to make Godly choices in life. Our Kid's Master Clubs are set up on different grade levels of learning. They are able to enjoy singing, activity times, along with Bible Memorization. There are are many types of awards your child can earn. At the conclusion of each Master Club Night, there is an Award Ceremony. After earning a vest, badges can be won and added to their vest. This is a great way for your child to enjoy Church and learning the Bible each week.

Childeren's Choir

We have a Children’s Choir (K-5th grade) that performs throughout the year. They have their practice during their Sunday Evening program that starts at 7pm. If you would like your child to become a part of what we call the Kid’s Choir, they simply need to come each Sunday Night to the Gym.
We have opportunities for you and your family to serve in our Music Ministry.

Teen Ministry

Our Teen Department is a place where Teens can come and learn about God in a way that prepares them for their future, but at the same time will allow you to get involved in serving God now. Join us on Sunday Mornings for LIGHT FORCE::: At 10a.m. every Sunday we have 3 separate Bible study classes.6th-8th Grade Middle School Girls class…6th-8th Grade Middle School Boys Class & our 9th-12th Grade High School Class at 11a.m. Our Teens come together in our Main Teen Room for their own Teen Worship Service. This an opportunity in a Teen environment to sing Praise Songs and have a Bible Message preached to them.

Teens Sunday Nights

Sunday Nights at 7pm our Teens join the Adults for our Evening Worship.
Wednesday Nights are exciting…be a part of what we call THE ZONE.
This is a 6th-12th grade weekly Bible Study located in our Gym. We open our Gym doors at 6:45pm…Music, Basketball, Volleyball, and just hanging out meeting and making friends. We kick off the Bible Study at 7:30pm with some Games, Singing, and a Bible Message. Our Teens have activities throughout the month…from SMAC Down---Sunday Morning After Church activities, to SNAC---Sunday Night After Church activities. We have a lot of great experiences that you can be a part of…so come and get involved in our Teen Ministry this week.

Couples Class M.O.R.E.

Making Our Relationships Extraordinary. We meet every Sunday Morning at 10a.m. This class is geared for strengthening  your Marriage and Family. Our Bible study topics range from bettering your Marriage which is so vital in our day and age, to becoming godly Parents, doing it God’s way. We have monthly activities that allow us to come together and fellowship. It’s a great way to make some good Christian friendships.
Every Sunday Morning @ 9:45a.m. we provide Coffee, Cokes, & Donuts for our Meet & Greet time. The location of our class is in the North Wing of our Church. Join us this Sunday.

Women's Ministry F.A.R.

F.A.R.=Far Above Rubies. Our Ladies class meets every Sunday at 10a.m.
Starting at 9:45a.m. we have a Coffee & Donut fellowship time. We encourage to come before we start our class, it’s a great way to get to know each other.
This class is for Single women or Married women…who feel more comfortable in strictly a ladies surrounding. Each week we teach on a very relevant topic that is so needed in our lives, and what we are facing today. You will learn from God’s Word that God wants to help you in all aspects of your life. The location of our class is in the North Wing, right next to our Coffee & Donut fellowship room. We encourage to come and take part in our class on Sunday.

Pastor's Bible Class

We have a great Pastor’s class that meets in the Church Fellowship Hall every Sunday at 10a.m. We provide a good fellowship time before our Class starts, so enjoy a donut and some coffee, while you get to know everyone. Each Sunday our Pastor Dr. Don Greenway will bring a Bible Study lesson that will guide you on your journey in life. This class has Married Couple’s and Singles with an age group of 50 and older. You will be invited to some fun activities that our Class activity team puts together.
We want God to work in our lives, and the Pastor’s Bible Class is a place where you can come and learn to grow in the Lord. Join us Sunday at 10a.m.

Prophecy Class

We meet every Sunday Morning at 10a.m. There will be coffee, cokes, & donuts provided starting at 9:45a.m., this is a good time to fellowship together before class begins. This class is for those who are intrigued by the latest Prophecy teachings. Each week via DVD’s we provide the best speakers on Prophecy subjects. Each week is a learning experience, ending with a class discussion time. If you like Prophecy teachings, you will like being here with us at 10a.m. this Sunday.

Missions Ministry

Missions Page

The purpose of supporting Missionaries and Mission works, is to fulfill the Great Commission for the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19, 20 & Mark 16:15) We are commanded by God to GO and REACH the world. As we do our part to share the message of Salvation here in Abilene, and to teach and train people in Christian service each week…our Mission Money that is given, allows us to Support ministries around the world.

Music Ministries

Each week here at North Side Baptist, we come to Worship the Lord. We have an opportunity through music to sing about the Lord and to sing to the Lord. Our music at each service has a blend of Psalms, Hymns and Praise Songs, as the scriptures teaches. We want to honor the Lord through our music, but also through the message in the songs we sing. To allow the Lord to open our heart and mind, preparing us to hear from HIM the message we need. We have a 40 voice choir that sings in both the Sunday Morning and Evening Service. We have a praise team for each service that helps lead in our congregational singing. Our music allows each individual person to join in the Worship to the Lord.
If the Lord leads you to be a part of our Music program, then become a member of North Side Baptist Church and begin to serve the Lord in our Choir or Instruments. We can sure use your talents here.

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